Starbucks wanted to raise awareness and acquire new members for their rewards program. 


#GoldLife– We created a lifestyle around being a rewards member and brought it to life on all the channels (Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, FB). The highest level of status of the program is gold, so we took to social media to get people excited about living the #GoldLife.


1 million new Starbucks Rewards members, 49MM uses of the Snapchat lens, 1.7MM impressions via influencers, 37% of the people who viewed the Facebook Canvas Ad downloaded the app and signed up.


Develop a social media campaign, work with Snapchat to create the lens, film, illustrate and edit GIFs, storyboard and art direct fb ad unit. 

Agency: Edelman, ACD/Writer: Natalie Purbrick, Motion Designer: Kevin Brown, CD: Michelle Franzoia, Producer: Elizabeth Daly

The Work


We used Snapchat to bring to life the star currency of the rewards program. It showed users the aftermath of living the #GoldLife. Stars, all day. Fans used the lens over 49 million times. 


We used Twitter's short form storytelling to explain the program's benefits in the best of internet ways; GIFs.
Each post highlighted a benefit of living the #GoldLife – free refills, skipping the line, earning free food and drink and redeeming birthday treats.

These GIFS became my life for months. From concept to execution, they taught me so much. About After Effects, compositing, keying, physics, paper crafting, illustrating, colors and how to trick people to leave Starbucks so we could shoot.


We used the Facebook Canvas ad units to create an immersive experience that did more of the educational heavy lifting. We stayed true to the #GoldLife and kept it lighthearted and entertaining. The results were great, people engaged, and an impressive 37% of those who viewed the ad downloaded the Starbucks app and joined the program. 


We asked influencer partners to live the gold life on their social channels.

They got over 1.7 million engagements through their social media channels and by using our starry lens.