Starbucks has different messages they want to communicate via social media.
Each ask here was different, and these posts reflect a wide range of work I've created for Starbucks in the past year. 


Create fun content that would stand out on the social media channels and communicated our message clearly.

Mobile Order & Pay

The Starbucks app has a mobile order and pay feature not everyone knows about. The ask was to create social media posts to create awareness. 

My Role

Art direction and execution.

Skip the line and cozy up with your β˜•οΈ. #MobileOrder

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The ask here was to encourage gift card owners to add upload their cards into the app and start earning rewards.

Starbucks for Life

Starbucks hosts a game every summer, 'Starbucks for Life' which is a monopoly-like game that gives people a chance to win Starbucks for life!

My Role

Concept, art direct, photograph and composite.


The highest viewed social post I've ever created, raking in the views at 868,702, but who's counting.

Summer Tea Series

Our goal here was to highlight the wide range of teas Starbucks has to offer.

In this first post, we wanted to show that you can order your tea carbonated – bubbles for days.

Everytime a #MangoBlackTeaLemonade and a #PeachGreenTeaLemonade cheers, a fairy gets its bubble wand. #Teavana

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This series of posts aims to show off the fun flavors you find inside the different teas we offer. 

My role:

Work with our motion designer to build out the set, storyboards, and art direct the final execution.

Checkmate, summer. #BerrySangria #Teavana

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What happens when a πŸ‹ and mango high five. #MangoBlackTeaLemonade #MBTL #Teavana

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Peach and lemon conga line. Dance the dance of summertime. πŸ‘πŸ‹πŸ’ƒ #PGTL #PeachGreenTeaLemonade #Teavana

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