The Dave Chang Show

Dave Chang is a chef and entrepreneur. You may have seen Ugly Delicious on Netflix, or simply love Momofuku, Milk Bar, or Majordomo.
Earlier this year, Godfrey Dadich & Partners joined forces with Chang to launch a media company called Majordomo Media.

The first venture was a podcast, titled “The Dave Chang Show”. Each week, Chang interviews a different group of people to discuss culture, food, sports, and everything in between.

My role as the art director on this project was to start establishing the brand's look and feel and design pieces for its social presence.


Below are some of the posts we've put out to get people excited about each episode.

Bill Simmons

In this episode, the Momofuku chef talks to podcast impresario @sptguy33 about California rock crab, the versatility of soup, using every part of the chicken, The Island of Doctor Moreau, and wagyu beef. 


Some art that didn't make it live, but I still love:

Rian Johnson Karina Longworth

Star Wars orthodoxy is somewhat similar to the orthodoxy around food. Nothing moves forward unless you try something new, but if you change anything, people get pissed.” The latest episode of The Dave Chang features a chat with @riancjohnson (director of #TheLastJedi) and @karinalongworth (host of the podcast @YouMustRememberThis).



Chloe Kim

On this episode, Dave Chang talks to Olympic gold medalist @ChloeKimSnow about Korean parents, the pressures of fame, and churro ice cream sandwiches. Click the link in our bio to listen, subscribe, and rate.