People aren't aware of all of the technology Intel powers and they don't relate to the brand.


 We made people connect with Intel on a more emotional level by finding stories the average person could relate to. 

My Role & Theirs

Art Direct the mini-documentaries we produced. I worked closely with the journalists, photographers and videographers to make sure we were telling the right story in the most compelling way. On set, I made sure we captured the right footage so that our editors had range to make the right cuts.

Agency: Ready State, Journalists: Alejandro Rosas, Ben Worthen, William Harless, CD: Ian Clazie

Story 1

Here we wanted to focus on music. Intel helps DJs and producers mix and make beats, and technology has evolved dramatically making their lives and output so much better. Jermaine Dupri was a great fit because he is obsessed with technology and he's been around long enough to tell the right story about the evolution. I first met JD on the elevator, he was on his hoverboard and I knew it was perfect.


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We created some teasers for social media channels that brought readers to the full article:

Story 2

One of my biggest passions is the ocean, so when we discovered this story, my mind was blown. Photographer Bryant Austin uses his computer to composite 100+ photographs to make life size high resolution prints of whales. It was a beautiful story to tell. Austin had his first eye to eye encounter with a whale and he wanted to help others experience what he had first hand. Thanks to Intel, he made his dream of letting others to look into a whale's eyes to scale come to life.

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Story 3

This story was for the race car aficionados. It was amazing to learn how race car drivers use technology to monitor their health to stay calm under extreme conditions.

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