Problem & Solution
IBM Watson needed to get business' to understand what their product did. They were finding that people were associating Watson with winning jeopardy but didn't really understand what it did or how it could help their business. They came to Godfrey Dadich so we could help create an editorial narrative, and redesign the site's UX and UI to solve the business problems they were facing.

*Website to go live Q4 2018.

My Role
Art Direction, UI & UX Design. 


Home - Desktop

Here, we tried to strip back the current site and create consistency over anything. We wanted to eliminate superfluous animations and let the content speak for itself.


The animation below mouses through the site:

Home - Mobile


About - Desktop

We added this to IBM Watson's site architecture and used it to define Watson succinctly. We also wanted potential clients to understand where Watson was headed and the people behind it. We interviewed some of the clever minds at Watson and took their portraits to feature them on this page.


About - Mobile