When I was 18 I was sent to an art contest to represent my school. You had to bring scrap pieces of trash and you had 4 hours to make whatever they told you to. Out of 500 people, I placed 2nd. 

Yet I didn't realize I was naturally talented until I started making things professionally. My co-workers seeked me out to help in hand crafted projects and I was good at it. 

Below are some examples of my favorite hand crafted goodies. 

Starbucks was giving away game pieces for their monopoly-like game with the purchase of holiday drinks. They wanted to showcase this on social, so we created a game piece snowflake that showed hidden reindeer and stars amongst the cups. We armed the Starbucks community managers with a printable PDF of instructions on how to create the snowflake.

SURPRISE! I got to make a birthday party set for a frapuccino. Birthday presents and party hats all made out of paper.

We made a stop motion of a moving bike made out of snacks to show their 'on the go' nature. Pumpkin seed grass, popcorn clouds, waffle wheels and a cookie straw bike frame.

I made a bouquet out of the ingredients in a Starbucks box salad. Tomato tulips with quinoa, jicama orchids and black bean birds of paradise. All wrapped in a Starbucks napkin bouquet. 

Thirsty Yeti was a stop motion animation made completely out of paper. 9 versions of little Yeti all cut out with an exacto knife. Even the 'Starbucks for Life' on the gold is cut out of gold paper!