I was approached by an Academy member trying to fix the antiquated process of voting for the Academy Awards.

We sat down and figured out how to make attending screenings and gathering information about movies during voting process more tech friendly. We decided to create an app to help Academy members organize their process. It was very interesting to learn about the process that happens and think through smart solves.

My Role
Visual Identity, Branding, Design, UI & UX

The Work

Understanding the process Academy members go through to vote was key to this assignment. I sat down with a few of them and picked their brains. I found the pain points through the process and decided to make those the core functionality of the app.

Once that was established, I created a high level user flow and made sure we were all on the same page.

Once heads were nodding in the room, I continued on with the user flow. 

When we reached a point everyone was happy with, the design part began. I was very lucky on this project; I was the only one who was concerned with the look and feel and I was granted full creative freedom. I leaned in to the colors of the Oscars and was inspired by Art Deco and classic Hollywood.