DOW Great Stuff can solve many of people's pest and insulation problems but they don't know the product exists. We were tasked with creating a digital campaign to raise awareness of the product's functionality.

We focused on what resonated most with our audience; a hate for spiders and feeling cold. We created posts and banners that brought these problems to life to highlight DOW Great Stuff as the solution. 

1.2MM impressions and the most successful digital campaign DOW has run to date.  It was exciting to guide a brand outside of their comfort zone and see such strong results. 

My Role
Ideation, Art Direction

CW: Natalie Suzuki, ACD: Craig Erickson

The Work



The comments to this post were the best. Highlights include, "do you feel the spiders crawling on your skin", "this is the ad I wake up to...greaaaat",  "how do I remove this ad" and "Oh hell no if I find a spider in my room I'm moving tf out the house 😂😩 "




We also ran some banner ads placed on