👋 Hello, my name is Kassandra. Some people call me Kass.  

Cooking is my second passion, art is my first.

I believe in a positive disposition. Life is too complicated already, why add negativity?

I like the idea of making decisions that don't inflict harm on others. 

I like to get hands on; concept, create, build, code to make fun things or solve communication problems.

I grew up on islands so I appreciate, love and care for nature. It also made me very mellow and easy going. I am a tomboy. I climb trees, and I think video games are awesome. I am passionate, ambitious and thoughtful. I love riding my bike to work and trying to be in the water or outdoors on weekends.

food, people, plants, the ocean, all animals but especially flamingos, giraffes and zebras, foreign films, Noma Bar, Renoir, hip hop, drake because he's soft and lil wayne because he's not.

country music, jazz, grapefruit, violence, kanye west, the celtics, the amount of plastic wasted by water bottles, greed, arrogance.